Gluten free bread

Elisa Senra

Bread is one of the most basic foods, and it is hard for many to give up when it comes to dieting. It is a food which provides us with carbohydrates and energy for the entire day, but many of the breads we eat are made with refined flours and contain gluten, gum and added thickeners.

In Foodieland we have created this course to make healthy, gluten-free, dairy-free and yeast-free bread which is adapted for celiac, lactose intolerant and diabetic people so that they too can enjoy a nutritious and high-quality bread. Making your own homemade bread is easier and quicker than you think, and you don’t need any special tools or equipment because most of them can be prepared in a single bowl.

Elisa Senra, nutritional coach and lover of breads due to the baking tradition in her family, will show you what the bests gluten-free flours are, how to make bread without using yeast, paleo breads without grain, soft breads with a slight sweetness, protein bread, breads with whole grains and even low carbohydrate rolls.

Relish the smell of freshly baked bread and enjoy your passion for healthy cooking.


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    • Lecture1.1
      Presentation & Downloads 02 min
    • Lecture1.2
      Rustic rolls 11 min
    • Lecture1.3
      Paleo bread 09 min
    • Lecture1.4
      Buckwheat bread 05 min
    • Lecture1.5
      Sweet bread 03 min
    • Lecture1.6
      Tahini bread 03 min
    • Lecture1.7
      Coconut buns 08 min
    • Lecture1.8
      Spreads as accompaniment 08 min
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